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Metamorphosis Healing Arts Gift Card

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About Siobhan (Pronounced “Shi-VAWN)

Aware of her intuitive abilities and able to communicate with transitioned and heavenly spirits since childhood, Siobhan offers readings, counselling, healing treatments, and classes. Warm and caring, you will feel relaxed and comfortable in her presence. Siobhan's decades of experience ensure your time together will be enlightening, authentic and transformational.   

Psychic Medium Services

Guided by her and your spirit guides, working with saint and angel oracle cards, tea leaves, and crystals, Siobhan reveals what you’re meant to know at this stage in your journey.

Gain career and personal clarity and confidence.

Communicate with transitioned loved ones.

Make confident life, health and mate choices.

Whether you have questions, want spiritual guidance, or clarification on a situation, a reading with Siobhan will provide you with the peace of mind, direction and the information you seek.

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Intuitive Counselling

The peaceful navigation of some situations, relationships and life-stages requires talk therapy in combination with spirit guidance. Through attentive listening and feedforward spirit communication, Siobhan will help you resolve fear, anxiety and worry as you move toward a life unencumbered by emotional, situational and financial stressors.

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Reiki and Crystal Energy Healing

A Usui Reiki master and teacher, light worker, and a crystal therapist, Siobhan draws on universal energy to stimulate physical and emotional healing.  With you relaxed and fully clothed, this non-invasive, peaceful treatment will lift your spirits and vibration. Emotional blocks cleared, you will complete the session feeling serene and centred.

Note: As a Reiki treatment sometimes reveals blocked trauma deserving of acknowledgment, processing and release, sessions are one to two hours.

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Transformational Hypnotherapy

Your subconscious mind is a powerful influencer. Programmed from the inception of your being, your subconscious mind affects your beliefs, actions and feelings. Habits and addictions, friend and mate choices, career and activity selections are all influenced by a part of your brain that can only be accessed via hypnotherapy. 

Hypnotherapy bypasses your critical mind and alters interpretations, limiting or self-sabotaging beliefs, and feelings that don’t serve you. As a result, unwanted behaviours, habits and addictions are diminished or stopped, and joy, peace, well-being, and financial abundance are increased. 

In addition to your relaxing and meditative hypnotherapy session, Siobhan will provide you with a set of positive affirmation to shore your renewed self-perceptions, feelings, thoughts and direction. 

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Space Clearing

All matter consists of energy that can be positive, negative or stale. Positive energy is present when you enter a space that relaxes and comforts you. Negative energy is present when a room, building or area causes you to feel uneasy, anxious, sad or angry.

Occupant illnesses, accidents, arguments, dissatisfaction and unwanted personal happenings are indicators that the surrounding energy of a space is negative, or the very least, stale. Misplaced items, unexplained noises, and odd or unpleasant odours are also indicators. Life changes, such as a breakup, can alter the energy of a previously positive energy space.

Using sage, an eagle feather, drumming, and energy work Siobhan will cleanse your space of negative and stale energy, and replace it with positive energy. Transformed or restored to a soothing sanctuary, spending time in your space will invite wellness, love, peace and happiness.

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Feng Shui Vision Board Workshops

Full Moon Ceremonies

Parties & Events



"Siobhan gave me the clarity I needed and was searching for through her card readings, without prompting or clues given from me. I wasn’t looking for a specific answer nor did I ask a specific question, but she told me the words I needed to hear to start on a brighter path, less filled with the obstacles I put out for myself; I am so enthusiastic about what is to come.!” – Delaney B 

"Siobhan revealed my current struggle and gave advice on how to focus my energy and thoughts which eased me through an awkward time." – Sandy C., Parksville, BC 

My reading was almost 100% accurate and I felt much better after talking about it with her.Some of the things she told me I hadn’t thought about before but made perfect sense now.I would recommend her to my friends and family anytime."  Ollie S., Victoria, BC 

"I was skeptical at first, but the reading was amazingly accurate, helpful, and made me think a little harder about some difficult choices I was making. Also, she pointed out things I was worried about were only figments of my imagination." – Ali B., Victoria, BC 

"3 years ago I had my first Reiki treatment with Siobhan. To be completely honest, I had no idea what to expect and was skeptical of what Reiki was and what it could do. Siobhan has a way of making you feel comfortable and relaxed with a deep “knowing” of what is going on for you. It was a super cool appointment that really is hard to describe. Siobhan easily seemed to guide you through the appointment and reveal thoughts/feelings that made you wonder how she knew. I have had many additional appointments with her since then, and would highly recommend her and am thrilled I followed my instinct to try Reiki with her.”  – C. Anne McIntyre 

“Siobhan is a loving and entertaining psychic/medium whose purpose is to help others move forward on their journey. The messages and information revealed during a reading come from spirit guides, as well as friends and family that come through for the client. What was lost and unseen becomes clear and focused. A lifetime of experiences continue to produce surprises and leave clients walking away with confidence, clarity, and possibly ‘homework’. A resident of Victoria, Siobhan travels the Island offering readings, classes, and treatments.”

Metamorphosis Healing Arts Victoria

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